The Truth Is What I Say It Is

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4th in the series The Manipulators

Your old saw for the day:

  • Don’t do as I do; do as I say.

Your words for the day (according to Dean):

  • truth = an extremely malleable concoction of presumed facts
  • hot button = a topic that elicits a strongly visceral reaction either for or against
  • knee jerk = visceral reaction; no rational thought required
  • jerk = an ignoramus with airs of superiority, adolescent behavior, insulting demeanor
  • The Big P = The Big Pee; all news media (lest you forget)

We revisit that catch-phrase, “The truth is what I say it is.”  I aired it in a previous article regarding the shenanigans of a litigator (Super Dan) and his trusty blogger-minion (Big Foot).  That dynamic duo, like the manipulative Press, also engages* in the business of deceiving the public. (I gave them a 25-article series called “The Great Cluster Fu…”)

In the first three articles of this series I illustrated how the The Big Pee twisted the facts in a US Immigration Department action and glorified criminal activity to illustrate bureaucratic “coldness” and “out-of-touch legislation” that harms “innocent victims.”  The hot buttons exercised were “we-are-so-much-better-than-that” and “being-humanitarian-is-always-the-right-thing-to-do” and “these special people only break the law to do what they have to do to survive.”  While empathizing with non-citizen criminals, that same institutional urinal** offers no ongoing sympathy or efforts to intercede on behalf of US citizens caught in similar plights.  Writers’ motivations?  Anybody’s guess, but, I would hazard (1) politico-socio agendas, (2) filling out that journalistic resume in the “I am so relevant” category, and (3) a journalistic achievement award of some kind at some annual Media pat-each-other-on-the-back Awards Ceremony.

The balance of these postings will highlight certain hot-buttons that have been lit up in the recent past and how that illumination reflects faulty public concepts which, to no surprise, have been cultivated by The Big Pee for decades.  You can think of those concepts as sleeper agents embedded in our social consciousness by that fifth column that bills itself as The Fourth Estate.**

New readers to these ravings…   uh…   insightful observations…   may be dismayed at my apparent distaste of journalistic offerings and skepticism of their authors’ intents.  Getting up to speed on my true feelings regarding that genre, you might click on such categories as piss ants and journalists and read previous postings.  I’ve tried to be very clear on that matter.

Back to the subject at hand.  A popular reference to stored cyber data is “the cloud.”  Earlier, such accessible on-line storage was referred to as a drop-box that allowed one to access personal documents from a variety of digital platforms (e.g., pc’s or mobile devices).  When the big boys started touting it, it had to have a bigger presence:  “the cloud” implies just such a presence.  But, when all is said and done, it is all still just a drop-box.

In the context of social perceptions, each of us keeps our individual views on everything in a personal drop-box that we identify as a “credo.”  The totality of a population’s drop-boxes forms the ethos of that population.  From that, public values — rightly or wrongly — are broadly defined.  The Big P gleefully jumps right into that “cloud” sorting through and identifying perceived popular generalities.  Sort of like a search engine categorizing key words.  To target their agendas of controversy marketing, The Big P is shopping for social hot buttons.  Like an on-line content writer, The Big P sets its desired message in the loom and weaves in those key words in such a way that the public’s emotions over-ride rational consideration of what is ultimately JUST SOME OTHER AVERAGE JOE’S PERSONAL BIASES — and they call it “news.”  The Big Pee is just one big bladder full of personal biases clothed in the guise of “expert authority” championing the “right of the people to know.”

The term “cloud” implies foggy conditions.  That “popular perceptions” cloud mined by The Big P possesses an inherent flaw that distorts reliable conclusions:  individuals, as a rule, do not broadcast the spectrum of their beliefs and conceptions.  Much is held in secrecy, either out of caution or fear of what others might think or do in response to those true feelings.  That vaunted public ethos is liberally laced with disinformation designed to deflect uncomfortable confrontations and characterizations.  Just like that search results page on-line, what you get may be wildly off the intended mark.

Undaunted, the Big Pee strokes its selected hot buttons, often blithely igniting contradictory reactions:  today, it can disparage “same gender” lifestyles and preferences, and tomorrow use that same subject to revile Average Joe as morally deficient for harboring distaste for such goings on (i.e., homophobia).  Each of us perceives self as possessing a moral state that is on a plane just a little higher than everyone else.  The Media plays to all audiences, selling different tickets to the same show by appealing to our varied secret vanities.  And the audience, literally brainwashed by the slow drip-drip-drip of decades of media-fabricated mores, responds on cue to The Big Pee’s current offering of outrage and judgment of…   well...   whatever it is hatcheting or touting as today’s special.

Truth.  What is truth?  It IS what accepted authority SAYS it is.  The Big P, upon whom we all at some time have relied for “truth,” would have you believe it is the ONE unimpeachable accepted authority.


*On-going pre-trial disinformation campaign that continues today on Big Foot’s blog.

**The Big Pee…   please pay attention.


Next up:  The Press-perpetuated myth of vendors’ overcharging government agencies

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