Clone Wars USA: 2016 Elections

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Last year (2015) when it all started, it hadn’t seemed like any time had passed at all…   prob’ly ‘cawz it had only been about two and a half years since the last one.  As certain as the cycle of the seasons, it greets us again…   seemingly earlier than it used to…   sorta like how Christmas slid from a year-end event to post-Labor Day hoop-la.  But, here it is, an incessant buzz of views, denials, accusations, evasiveness, double speak, backtracking, maybe I will — maybe I won’t, media misquotes, media explanations, polls, poll results, and poll explanations…   and a big spike in the sale of theatrical makeup.

Yes, America, it is PRE-ELECTION time again in the USA.

Your words for the day:

  • clone = an identical copy of something
  • debate = a formal discussion-and-rebuttal exhibition of opposing views
  • political debate = a media sponsored simultaneous interview of candidates vying for political office
  • chorus line = a group of synchronized dancer-singers

Cloned candidates are the American way.  All are essentially the same, defined exclusively by the party-line they espouse, the manner in which they waddle penguin-like across the electorates’ viewscape and stand obediently as the media snipe at the ones the media doesn’t like.  Any hopeful lined up in the chorus line who does not adhere to the choreographed pattern is ridiculed and dissed unmercifully by the media.  The pliant public eats it all up (after all, the general public’s sense of what is proper is garnered from day time television shows such as phony court cases, those eternal soap operas, and so-called reality shows).  Media knows just how to give ’em what they want and get the public to fulfill media wishes.  Media will decide the winners and the losers.  It’s the American way.

Clay pigeon seems also to be a viable analogy.  They all look alike, talk alike, dress alike, parrot the same kind of lines with different adjectives interspersed, and — like all those beauty contest hopefuls — each and every one of them wants world peace.  (Locally, pre-election aspirations are to fix all those potholes that irritate the voters driving on the highways and byways.

And that is just the Republican field.

Filling out the roster for the other party, there is Hillary coming into the room; there’s that trademark smile with lots of teeth, slow deliberate movements, cordial outreach of the hand exuding warmth of personality, dressed in no-nonsense suits exuding matronly assurance.  She is no Iron Lady Thatcher (Great Britain PM), nor Indira Nehru (India PM) nor Golda Meir (Israel PM).  She’s just Bill (I-did-not-have-sex-with-that-woman) Clinton’s wife.  Lots of luck with that, Hilly.

Hilly, of course, was the media’s choice for 2016’s American Idol of the United States of America two years ago as they  soft-shoed the noise about alleged unethical and illegal actions during her resume-fluffing tour as Secretary of State of the same USA.  Now, in the media, she is as squeaky clean as a new-pope aspirant waiting for the white smoke of coronation.  The media has crowned her queen-elect much like they crowned king Obama 8 years before he even announced a run at the office.

But, there is a heretic in the midst of this traditional media-friendly clone shoot, one who does not wear the facade of the predictable clone.  Nor does he shrink from the puppet masters who may, over the long haul, succeed in taking him down so that the most groveling same-old same-old is left to contest the media’s pick for Queen of a Lifetime.  Yes, America, the Anti Clone has risen, and he flies the flag of the Republican Party, much to the disappointment of the GOP puppet masters.

At  first, he was dismissed as just one of a dozen or so aspirants; then he was dissed as a non-traditional politico; when he fired back disrespectfully at the media darlings who had shaped the so-called debates so they could harpoon targeted candidates, his favor among the voters rose; as the clones around him reshaped their positions to coincide with those of the New Anti Clone, the gap between them became greater.  In the midst of his rising popularity, he dared address the issues of danger to the United States, and, he specified restrictions on specific peoples of specific countries.  The media decried his insensitivity to the plight of the unfortunate murderers and terrorists seeking new targets in the United States.   Yet, the Anti Clone’s popularity rose   higher.

Everyone is dumfounded by this Anti Clone’s standing, even the leader of one of the world’s major religious sects, The Roman Catholics.  Recently, said leader ranted that “anyone saying such things is not a Christian,” or something to that effect, registering his unease at something the Anti Clone said.  It seems that this esteemed leader, with a staff of thousands to prompt him on international matters such as what day it is, none-the-less has confused the American election process with the Roman rite of settling on a new pope, wherein the religious standing of the aspirants is critical.  Americans, however (at least in theory), are not selecting a religious leader, rather an individual to defend the United States of America against all enemies domestic and foreign,  Religious preference, regardless of what native religious sects expound, is not part of the process.

Primary elections are now in full swing.  All of the look-alike clones (Republicans) have fallen short so far of the Anti Clone’s appeal.  And the media’s choice of President-elect is in control of the Democratic race.

It’s ELECTION TIME USA,  You gotta love it.

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