Passion: Can A Word Pimp Itself Out?

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A block or two from the wharf where my blog (a.k.a., The Queen Mary) is laying over, I noted someone on the corner who looked a little familiar, someone from the far past.  I must admit, that bright red outfit looked hot, and, when Red motioned me over, I pulled over.  Turned out to be a little bizarre, but our verbal exchange sort of went this way:

     Me:   Do I know you?  Red:  Of course you doI’m Passionate. Me:  ??  Passion?  Is that REALLY your?  Red:  Don’t act so surprised.  We all change a little over time.  Look at you.  How do you explain all that?  Me:  What are you doing out here on the street, pulling people over?  Red:  A word has to turn a phrase somehow.  Me:  So indiscriminately?  You used to be so pure, describing both the depth and exquisiteness of suffering.  Red:  Hey!  It’s NOT my fault!  Your modern civilizations just aren’t into public mass executions and global poverty anymore, so where is all the suffering?  I’ll tell you where — no big name sneakers for Christmas, that’s where.  We turn that wish list into a “passion parade” and I get plenty of work in this town, Mr. High and Mighty.  Me:  So, you are no longer a Puritan but have lost your meaning, the very thing that defines you, to that Western Hyperbole Operation Revamping English?  (No way I’m going near that acronym.)  Red:  I am what I am, buster.  Now you got a gig for me or not?  Need to convince someone that his big passion is a new wart removal system?  How about PC’s?  The right one guarantees your path to passion pasture.  I can’t say enough about these athletic ambulation systems (a.k.a., sneakers), how they let you spring into that pursuit of your favorite passion.  And, this….

I left Red in mid-babble, all alone on that dark corner.  Well, not quite alone, ’cause there seemed to be a line forming to sample the wares.

Next up:  Passion:  The Intervention

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