Coke, dope, and the NFL

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For 50 years it was my favorite cold drink.

Then they changed the flavor and it became my least favored drink. They called it “new” Coke. To me, it was Pepsi-Coke. Only, I don’t care for Pepsi.

Then they changed it back to Old Coke, and, I resumed my adherence to that flavor.

I changed, so, I had to reduce my carb intake, and the switch to diet drinks was less than satisfying – including Diet Coke.

Then, they came out with Coke ZERO. Now we’re talking.  For years, it was my almost exclusive cold drink.

What do the dopes in the Coke-a-Cola Central Committee for the Criminally Insane go and do? RIGHT! Turned ZERO into New Coke which was Old Pepsi, which I did not, and STILL do not, care for.

I just gotta ask ya, Coca Cola Big Dogs: Are you still employing the very same egg-heads of the NEW COKE fiasco, or have you employed a completely new group of bone-heads?

FYI, Big Dogs: I DO NOT BUY YOUR PRODUCTS ANY MORE. Locally,  Kroger and Wal-Mart have put out their versions of COKE ZERO and I now buy their products as substitutes for your abandoned formula.

As for the NFL (a.k.a., the ‘Neeling Football League – who are probably glad I inserted the “dope and coke” thing into my Coca Cola diatribe), I can’t thank that bone-head, Kaspernack, and his sensationalist yellow-press media lackeys for sending me cold turkey into football withdrawal. I tune in for a sports event, and I get a political rally?

FU, NFL and the Yellow Press broadcast networks, for dis-addicting me from professional sports watching.  I watched one NFL game at the start of the 2017 season.  I have no compulsion to watch any game at all, now.

Since I couldn’t stand all that announcer drivel during football games, I frequently turned the TV to “mute” anyway. Now, I don’t even have to make that adjustment for self-satisfaction.


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