Microwaves, Bluetooth and Health

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Whoa!  Have I shown you my mutated

Electromagnetic radiation is a basic in the Universe’s structure and operation.  It is everywhere (probably).  The Great Learned of Earth have examined it, mulled it, and catalogued its various manifestations to their satisfaction.  The inventive among them have figured out how to capture that theoretical* stuff and make it work for humans.  Thus, we have devices that can employ, create, record, and interpret long waves, short waves, microwaves, radio waves, x-rays, gamma rays, and, I am sure there are a lot of other descriptive tags** for all that stuff…

some of which — in ANY concentration — ain’t good for nobody.***  Think of it as a Cosmic Candy & Pastry Bistro, with aisle after aisle of freshly prepared, aromatic come-ons everywhere.  As long as you sample very sparingly, the delight remains delightful, but, over-absorption leads to complications within your biomass…   and repeat trips to the clothing store, dietician’s office, medical specialists, and, that  once-in-a-lifetime dream trip to the mortician’s workshop.

For simplicity — and fewer words — let’s just call all that stuff microwaves.  It is omnipresent and useful to that naked ape tool-maker, homo sap us.  But, like all things human, we tend to overdo it.  You ride the wind, you go where it takes you.

Our bodies were developed amidst the wild, chaotic, and yet, orderly, workings of the Universe.  That ambient level of microwaves was calibrated into our genetic makeup.  But, those clever, industrious humans have learned to create and issue billions of new sources of microwaves (radar grids, cell phones, Bluetooth technology, GPS…) that traverse the whole of their environment; have they tipped the scale of neutral microwave effect beyond the normal and natural safe limit of absorption?  If so, to what effect?  If not, how will they ever know?

Hey, I am just one of trillions upon trillions of living entities.  Like all them others, I got lots of questions and almost no answers.  Trial-and-error and wait-and-see are the only strategies any of us have.  But, we humans have invented something else to pass the time between birth and death:  games — such as one-upmanship, he said-I said, unprovable hypothesizing, hot-button journalism…

In the realm of human-generated microwave transmissions, there is either too much or not enough data to determine the degree of impact on human organisms.  Until that is resolved, we will all keep playing our word games.

hmm!  What do you call that, anyway?






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