Sparky: A Legend In Her Own Mind

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10th in the series The Great Cluster Fu…  A treatise on questionable journalism and pre-litigation practices.

Your words for the day:

  • cryptid = rumored — but unproven — to be real
  • kangaroo court = a pretend trial delivering a pre-determined judgement
  • megalomania = unbridled greed for power / a psychiatric disorder
  • shit = I’ll not be so condescending as to define it, but, I can observe that it emanates from Sparky’s mouth

Right off, let’s jump on those last two words.  Says Sparky’s website:  “I strive to live my life in such a way that when my feet hit the floor in the morning corrupt defense contractors shudder and say, “OH SHIT  …SHE’S AWAKE”  Ms.Sparky(TM)

My humble observations: 

  1. I guess the search for that cryptid (an unbiased reporter-blogger) continues.
  2. She has extremely large feet.  If her feet are not the reputed size of the Hulk’s dogs (size 87, per Wikipedia) how could  anyone down the street from her padded cell bedroom hear her escape dismount her nightly restraining device bed?  (It would be one of those shoes my Muse hit me with in the previous post.)
  3. If she really thinks that multi-billion dollar contractors actually tremble just because she is looking for an unused can of spray paint to vandalize their reputations, this babe has serious power-complex issues (megalomania) complicated by delusions of grandeur (check out that trademark on her blogger title).
  4. You read it:  “shit” came straight out of her mouth.
  5. What’s with this fetish for “corrupt” defense contractors?  Are corrupt lawyers, bankers, politicians, et alia, really cool with her?  Or, is her hatred of certain defense contractors politically motivated?  Maybe she is still sulking over the loss of her favorite cadavers…   candidates!…   her favorite candidates from elections that go back nearly a decade.  That would be my guess…  humble though it be.

Let’s get to the way Ms. Sparky(TM) has chosen to display the opening page of her collaboration with Doyle Raiznor, et al.  It is reminiscent, to me, of televised publicity stunts by terrorists or revolutionaries in banana republics (yes, that is meant to be derogatory) — saber-rattling in lieu of floor stomping so those in power will tremble and say, “OH SHIT …SHE’S AWAKE!”…   or something equally as dreadfully foreboding.  Those disenfranchised outs, who desperately want to be franchised ins so they can deal properly with anyone who disagrees with them, typically like to have a back drop displaying their slogans and righteous objectives while reading off a list of “crimes” against workers of the world by government leaders and all those other people who are just plain smarter than they.  “Boy, when we get the power, you will all get a “fair” trial just before we execute you.”   …the kangaroo court thing.

Sparky, who is apparently an amateur geneticist, sort of married all those techniques.  She has that scroll-like banner dropped vertically along one side of the screen and a picture of someone (who happens to be an awful lot smarter than she has ever dreamed of being) displayed as an effigy of evil.  Surprisingly, Sparky has not been so vain as to wear a turban or such, or dress in rough, rebel regalia, or have a shot of herself standing in front of the banner-poster-picture holding a long list of grievances — while robed in rough, rebel regalia.  Nor does she actually behead/or execute someone on camera.  Does this mean that she can talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk?  (I hate sports clichés, but, that little puppy just begged to get out for a walk.)  For non-sports enthusiasts,  is she just a blowhard?

On the banner, she alludes to wrong doings (no specifics), states her horror at what the money-hungry litigator has been feeding her about Qarmat Ali and it’s evil-doers, then reveals her streak of sadism mixed with a tinge of homicidal tendencies:  she thinks “someone or several someones* should be sent to prison” for high crimes (which carry the death penalty)** BASED SOLELY ON HER CACHE OF DARKLY TWISTED PREJUDICES.

And, Sparky either can’t read or just doesn’t bother to read what she is posting on her malcontent’s wall.  If an item has a negative feel toward her private hatreds, it goes up.  Even tweak it if the mood strikes.  Old Super Dan (the dandy litigator) changed Mary Wade’s title to better fit his little fantasy tale;  Bigfoot Sparky jumped in and changed Super Dan’s change.  I can thank both of you charlatans for illustrating graphically just exactly what you are up to.

Next up:  Sparky misfires

 * This example of bad grammar is all hers.

**Well, if that is how we are playing, Sparky, I’ve got a few candidates myself for the dungeon and guillotine.  Crimes?  Not really.  Just journalistic pandering and unethical litigator practices.  You know, stuff that irritates the crap out of ME.  Are you and Doyle busy next weekend?  Meet me at the front door to the Bastille.  It’s in France.  Down from the Rue morgue.  Just your kind of place.


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