Clone Wars USA: Rise of the anti-clone

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The anti-clones have risen, and the clones, much to their consternation, are on the outside looking in…  sour grape-ing to be sure,  but, losers all.

  • Donald Trump:  The only pure anti-clone in the 2016 campaign, started with a commanding lead over a mob of clownish…   er, uh…   clone-ish ill-fated White House seekers and won the race well before the last lap.
  • Hillary Clinton:  Not a true clone, but none of the other clones leaving the starting gate with her were female AND former First Lady.  That was a departure from normal starting credentials.

The 2016 Republican National Convention.  The votes of convention delegates quickly anointed Trump as the party’s 2016 entry for President of the United States.  The ensconced power brokers and their favored clone, Ted Cruz, have been sulking for months and screaming, “NO WAY WILL TRUMP GET THE NOMINATION EVEN IF HE HAS ALL THE DELEGATES.”  Ted Cruz, his miffed inner child sulking visibly, gave a speech after Trump did indeed get that nomination.  Still in denial, he peckish-ly did not say things like…

  • I am 100% behind my party’s pick for President
  • Let bygones be bygones
  • Long live the Republican Party
  • …nor any other esprit de corps stuff that included The Donald in any Republican prayers.

Apparently, such sentiments would move little Teddy only if HE were the convention’s nominee.

Ted Cruz has gotten his feelings hurt.  After all, there was much talk at the beginning that his chances were good for getting the RNC nomination.  Alas, as the race began only its second lap, poor little Teddy was lost in the dust of Trump popularity.  In the end, he didn’t even have enough delegates to be a shaping force in Donald Trump’s Cleveland convention.  Cruz’s dream of being Hillary’s election nemesis will have to await another day.

But cheer up, Ted.  Hillary blew it eight years ago and here she is getting the Democratic nomination for president.  There is always the 2020 election year, and, you could run against either Trump or Clinton or both all over again.  IF…

Obama actually vacates the White House as the law dictates.  After all, you only need an Executive Order to by-pass Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Will of the People of the United States, and it is still 6 months before he gets his eviction notice.




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