Best Christmas Gift Ever

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Twice I got to see my tomorrow. This is the first one.

My first look at my Tomorrow.  

Your words for the day:

  • Felicia = Latin for “happy things”
  • Mitsuko = Japanese for “child of light” (I prefer “sunshine from heaven”)

December 24, a long time ago, 10: 09 pm | Delivery room, a hospital in Houston, Texas

This was her mother’s first time in delivery.  Mine, as well.  Her mother did all the hard work while I just stood by for moral support.  Other than the stress of passing a slightly over-sized infant, the delivery was proceeding as one would expect…   excruciating, but, bearable.

I do not remember how long this ordeal took, but, it finally reached its conclusion.  There was a slight frenzy of activity among attendants punctuated by a tiny cry of protest at this unexpected indignity.  The medical staff noted the time (10:09 pm), then divided their duties between mother and infant while I concentrated on both.

Presently, the nurses approached me, smiles on their faces and holding a blanket-wrapped offering which I accepted with a big smile of my own.  Meeting my first child, my daughter, for the first time can only be described as “wondrous.”  I turned and proffered my gift to the real hero on this Christmas eve, her mother, who, of course, was more entitled to admire this tiny wonder than I.  Though worn from the strain, her joy was just as evident as mine.

I do not know what memories of that moment her mother kept, but, I am keenly aware of my own:  In my hands, just inches from my eyes, lay a tiny visage no longer complaining, but, quizzically dubious.  She was looking me in the eyes and on her left cheek, between eye and miniscule ear, a single teardrop.  As amazed as I was then, I have continued to marvel over the years at the strong spirit contained within so tiny a form.

She was far more than my first child.  Because of her, a strained marriage was given new life.  Because of her, she has a younger brother, and I, a wonderful son.  Because of her, I am privileged to see Tomorrow through the eyes of her children and her brother’s children.  Because of her, I have a reason to cry about all that I have missed in her life.

Happy Birthday, Sugar Bear.  I have loved you since I saw your very first tear and will continue to love you until my very last tear.

Merry Christmas to you, your husband, and those two treasures of yours.  Have a happy New Year.


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Passion: Can A Word Pimp Itself Out?

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A block or two from the wharf where my blog (a.k.a., The Queen Mary) is laying over, I noted someone on the corner who looked a little familiar, someone from the far past.  I must admit, that bright red outfit looked hot, and, when Red motioned me over, I pulled over.  Turned out to be a little bizarre, but our verbal exchange sort of went this way:

     Me:   Do I know you?  Red:  Of course you doI’m Passionate. Me:  ??  Passion?  Is that REALLY your?  Red:  Don’t act so surprised.  We all change a little over time.  Look at you.  How do you explain all that?  Me:  What are you doing out here on the street, pulling people over?  Red:  A word has to turn a phrase somehow.  Me:  So indiscriminately?  You used to be so pure, describing both the depth and exquisiteness of suffering.  Red:  Hey!  It’s NOT my fault!  Your modern civilizations just aren’t into public mass executions and global poverty anymore, so where is all the suffering?  I’ll tell you where — no big name sneakers for Christmas, that’s where.  We turn that wish list into a “passion parade” and I get plenty of work in this town, Mr. High and Mighty.  Me:  So, you are no longer a Puritan but have lost your meaning, the very thing that defines you, to that Western Hyperbole Operation Revamping English?  (No way I’m going near that acronym.)  Red:  I am what I am, buster.  Now you got a gig for me or not?  Need to convince someone that his big passion is a new wart removal system?  How about PC’s?  The right one guarantees your path to passion pasture.  I can’t say enough about these athletic ambulation systems (a.k.a., sneakers), how they let you spring into that pursuit of your favorite passion.  And, this….

I left Red in mid-babble, all alone on that dark corner.  Well, not quite alone, ’cause there seemed to be a line forming to sample the wares.

Next up:  Passion:  The Intervention

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