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14th in the series The Great Cluster Fu…   A treatise on questionable journalism and pre-litigation practices

 Your words for the day (definitions according to Dean)

  • government = a legal entity that levies taxes on non-government entities
  • taxes = money that government says is owed to the government by non-government entities
  • government funds = that pool of money possessed by, and in sole control of, government
  • taxpayer money = all the funds possessed by, and in sole control of, a taxpayer after deducting for taxes
  • tax evaders = that group of entities who have had all their assets attached, or, are doing hard time because they did not understand — or, intentionally did not heed — when government said, “MINE!”

Inserted around the testimony of Mary L. Wade (Senior Contracts Manager, KBR), Raiznor uses the terms “bail-out” and “taxpayers’ money” to characterize a post military-engagement indemnity clause added to the LOGCAP III agreement.  We will have to digress at this point to expand on the common knowledge Raiznor is tapping into.

BAIL OUT.  One of the more recent hot issues that have heated up voter temperaments:  that Wall Street fiasco.

  • A segment of Big Business did not manage its operations very well and dug itself a very deep financial hole.  In keeping with the “survival of the fittest” mandate inherent in the free enterprise system of capitalism, a number of mega-corporations were teetering on the precipice of extinction;  the weak would pass on, the strongest would survive and prosper.
  • The government of the US of A, ostensibly in fear of a major ripple-effect through the national (possibly even global) economy, interfered in the natural order of things to save those endangered corporations AND their inefficient operations;  billions of dollars provided to avoid an economic Armageddon.
  • That revived industry displayed its gratitude by putting millions of those relief dollars into the personal pockets of its corporate executives;  that would be the same type of conduct that got them in a bind in the first place.
  • The public (all them taxpayers) was incensed.  The Press (with the big P) augmented that outrage by characterizing this unexpected development as misuse of “taxpayer money.”  The bigger the flame the public sees, the bigger the media profits at the end of the day.

TAXPAYER MONEY.  When the government spends on perceived unpopular items, the tab is payed with “taxpayer money.”  If it is a perceived okay expenditure, the money came from “government funds.”  Sounds like word play for effect doesn’t it?  Let’s look at a few people who have practiced this word play and see what effect they got.

  • Al Capone and a host of other off-the-books entrepreneurs failed to either file or pay taxes to the government.  It is moot whether they just felt the money they earned belonged solely to them, that the government did not have the right to claim any of an individual’s income, or whether they realized that itemizing the sources of their income was tantamount to confessions of a life of crime.*  They DID NOT pay, the government DID PROSECUTE under its laws, and they DID TIME in the Big House.
  • Lyndon LaRouche (Libertarian Party) proved, to his own satisfaction, that the government did not have the right to tax personal income.  He DID NOT pay (or file), the government DID PROSECUTE under its laws, and he DID TIME in the Big House.
  • Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, another pair of off-the-books entrepreneurs (in the name of religion, you understand), DID NOT pay, the government DID PROSECUTE, under its laws, Jim DID TIME in the Big House; Tammy Faye has since died, yet BOTH of them are still on the IRS hook for an unpaid $6,000,000 in personal income taxes.  Uncle Sam — tougher than a dedicated loan shark.
  • Mr. APYMOTS,**  about that fabulous, off-shore tax shelter your shady financial “advisor” turned you on to…

Taxes.  You MUST pay them (or at least acknowledge that you owe them) to keep the government from acting like you are stealing GOVERNMENT MONEY and PROSECUTING YOU under federal criminal laws.  So, whose money is it?  The TAXPAYERS’ or the GOVERNMENT’S?

Next up:  Contracts and boundaries

  * An idle thought:  would not the requirement to officially itemize criminal activities to avoid being charged with a crime be a violation of a person’s Fifth Amendment rights?

** Acronym…   remember?  Any Person You Meet On The Street

References:  KBR, Mary L. Wade, Qarmat Ali, Doyle Raiznor, Ms. Sparky,

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