My French Kentucky Easter Basket

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This is a seasonal article. I don’t do seasonal. This article is well written, quite colorful (as are most of Sheila’s posts), and I owe her a re-blog. So, all you lucky drop-ins on my obscure blog enjoy the seasonal color.

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My Mission

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The problem.  Change is afoot.  In my little part of the world, an industrious Budget Bottom Liner is hard at work.  Heads are rolling, offices are being closed, staffs are shrinking – a real nightmare.  It’s only a matter of time before that eraser rubs my position into oblivion.

My reaction.  Find something else to do with my time.  I’ve always enjoyed doing research and writing out my impressions, so it looks like I might have a bit more free time to resume those interests.  Refreshing those skills in the few months of job stability ahead might open up a new avenue in the what-to-do-with-my-time department.  Doing a blog gets my foot in the internet door, where I hear some people actually make money.  I will need to do some basic orientation (what is that key “esc”?), but, I think I’m up to the experience.  I hope you are.

a.k.a., The Queen Mary.  This blog thing is like a newly christened ship slipping into the water for the first time.  A lot of whoop and holler, then the crew settles down to begin a shake-down cruise to tune up its performance for those many voyages it is expected to make.  I suppose I could be referred to as the Captain, and you, the readers, will be both crew and passengers.  Together, we will set forth on a sea of uncertainty bound for…  somewhere…  eventually.  Fellow travelers going from point A to point B, sharing stories, miscellaneous thoughts, even dreams and prayers.  With that analogy, I think this little adventure needs an impressive name appropriate to its purpose:  therefore, for at least the next few months of postings, this vessel will be known as The Queen Mary.

SID, your ship-mate.  “Captain” might not be the right title for me, since it implies that I really know what I am doing.  This baby has no set compass direction, your captain/navigator knows almost nothing about internet waters and protocols, and will probably, from time to time, wander aimlessly like the lost Flying Dutchman of yore.  More appropriate, then, might be the title Ship’s Inane Digresser, or SID.  I’ll just toss interesting little tidbits of…  stuff…  in your direction, and you can swallow it, play with it, kick it around, toss it over-board, absorb it, run it up the flagpole (uh, mast…  that should probably be mast), pass it on, ignore…

Your SID in action.  …now, see, that right there will be one of the problems with our little cruises.  Like a rudderless ship, I can seem to get lost in a thought and go on and on and on and on.  I will try to avoid that, but, if it happesn, just kick back on that deck lounger and sip that drink (I hear wine from Georgia – the country, not the state – is quite good, but, it’s your call).  Just get mellow and wait for our next post.

Passenger participation.  Sorry about our bare bones status, but when we get all the bells and whistles installed on this thing and the brass all shinned up, there will be activities in which you can participate.  Just a little warning here:  there may be certain game rules announced up front, and, depending on the nature of your input, some rules may be cancelled or made up after the fact for no other reason than to make me happy.  RETRO-ACTIVE rules are valid and binding.  Just ask your state highway authority who builds “temporary toll” roads (“You pay only until we get the cost of construction back – honest.  We promise.”), but, then, after your tax dollars vanish into contractors’ (and politicians’?) pockets, that “temporary” toll is extended into perpetuity.  And, it doesn’t matter if you complain – retro-active applies, so THERE!

That’s how we sail.  Some of my views on LIFE are skewed, even cynical, but I try to temper that with a little humor.  Welcome aboard.  Please come back, and, bring a friend.  Maybe you will learn something from me, and, I, from you.  Bon voyage!

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