About Dean01.

When I jumped into this blog thing, I did not know that my user name would be used as author’s name.  David Dean is my given name.  I am a cynical skeptic, but, otherwise, a nice guy to be around.  Not real social, though – no face book page yet, and I am still trying to figure out how to use Al Gore’s information highway. I look to Nezza in Sidney (Australia) for my navigational clues…   but, she has moved on to other pursuits, and, I don’t know what side of the street she left me on.  It’s okay, though. Being clueless can be quite a rush.  Articles on this web site reflect my innate ambivalence and can thusly be called essays — opinion, personal observations, some facts, speculation…   calling all of that an essay collection means, if I get stuff wrong, I can just shrug and say, “Hey, its just my opinion.”  So, just take your time, sit back and peruse this site.  You can “Like” or “Comment” to your hearts desire… or not.

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Yes I did mean to follow 🙂 I really like what you’re doing here. Will need to spare some time to explore even more. Thanks for the feedback on the piece – words aren’t adequate so I’ll just say – thank you. The word PASSION and the use I’m thrilled you got to the essence

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