Humans are not Predators (wink, wink)

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“A name. A name! What’s in a name?  A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” Basically, what the Shakespeare guy was trying to convey is that a thing is exactly what it is regardless of which hashtag humans assign to it.

Or, in yet another way, it doesn’t matter what you call poop…  it is still poop. But, Homo sapiens is undeterred and names everything it encounters, whether tangible or intangible.  That compulsion to name extends to degrees of tangibility or shades of intangibility.  If something exists or almost exists, it must be named.

Speaking of shades. Because H. sap has some serious turf issues, an awful lot of that name calling is slanted to denigrate the subject being identified and to enhance the character of the one calling the names.  Take these 2 names: barbarian and civilized.

  • barbarian – your average human not living in sleek, glamorous cities and not paying taxes to the civilized cities.
  • civilized – your average human living in sumptuous cities maintained by other average humans who have been forced into slavery by the civilized average humans… probably because they wouldn’t pay the extortive tribute demanded by the civilized average humans.

Here are a couple of other words thought up by humans to distinguish all the other types of fauna inhabiting planet Earth:  predator and prey. Life demands that a creature either eats grass, leaves, or dirt, or that it hunts down grass-, leaf-, and dirt-eaters and kills them for food. That one basic law of Nature, eat or be eaten, is the edict they are born under.  (You can also read that as kill or be killed.)

Humans, a branch of life that has convinced itself that it has risen above the need to scratch out an existence in glacial ice or tropical jungles, place themselves above all that. Neither predator nor prey, they smugly peruse the menu in a restaurant while deciding on a medium rare T-bone steak with shrimp langoustine on the side. They are only ordering “food items,” and, it does not cross their minds that the creatures or creature parts on their plates were once living, breathing life forms who do not willingly play the part of food-on-a-plate-for-humans; someone had to kill them.

The numbers are in:

  • Online source: Purdue University food Animal Education Network. 45 million turkeys are killed every Thanksgiving alone, and 8 billion chickens per year.
  • Online source:  284,000 metric tons of salmon. I am not sure what a metric ton is, but a U.S. ton is 2,000 lbs. So, 568 million lbs. / 23 lbs. avg. salmon wt.) = 24,000,000 salmon lives extinguished. Even considering my bad math, you are still looking at a big number.
  • Online source:  NAMI (North American Meat Industry) Report for 2013.  8.6 billion chickens, 33.2 million cattle, 219.4 million turkeys, 2.3 million sheep and lambs, 112 million hogs

For the United States alone, over 9 billion lives snatched annually, extinguished in the name of NUGGETS, CHOPS, BACON, PRIME RIB, HAMBURGER, and RUMP ROAST. Throw in an uncounted number of lobster, shrimp, oysters, crab legs, frog legs, crayfish, clams, fish of all kinds, and the total death toll from Man the Non-Predator is truly astronomical.

Predators big enough to snatch us up for an afternoon snack are portrayed as vicious, unmerciful, cruel, evil, etc.  In reality, they are simply out on a shopping trip trying to scare up some grub.  Predators small enough for us to take down are simply called food, which is a human way of saying prey.

Arrogant humanity vilifies carnivores while sating its own blood-lust with an annual menu fill of upwards of 100 billion lives.

You DO understand, don’t you? Humans are NOT predators.


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