Pismire: Getting The Handles Right

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Pismire is the archaic term for ant.  Pronounce it any way you like and make it yours.  I like it because of its origin.  Ants utilize formic acid as an agent of defense or as a means of disabling a potential meal.  The greater the number of ants nesting in a given area, the stronger the odor of the acid, which, incidentally, is the same as urine.  Breaking the word down, mire is an old term for ant, and pis meant the same as our familiar term piss.  Put ’em together and you literally get…

Piss ant, a designation we use disparagingly to mean insignificant, obnoxious, ubiquitous, troublesome, vexing abundant, irksome…   I could go on, and probably will later, but, let’s stop there for now.

PAU.  Acronym for Piss Ant University.  There just seems to be a special place that turns out hordes of aspirants to obnoxity (might be a made-up term), people whose sworn duty in life seems to be to just piss you off.

PU.  By enunciation, that could refer to the malodorous presence of these critters, but it’s a new acronym I’ll use for pismire ubiquity.  Feel free to think “P-U” whenever you see it.

Ubiquity, by the way, means, “They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere.”  I’m not talking down to you on this term, it’s just that I heard it a number of times before I was curious enough to look it up.  When talking about the prevalence of something, ubiquitous just doesn’t jump off the tip of your tongue.  Be thankful  this term has yet to be used as frequently, and as inappropriately, as passion.

Piss’ant-ism is a condition that is endemic to many segments of our social infrastructure;  neither Orkin, Terminix nor any other exterminator can rid us of these pests.  The afflicted really seem to think they are pursuing relevant matters and issues that must be fixed for the rest of us (ala VICKI of the Will Smith movie, I Robot?) whether we want it fixed or not.   It is, after all, for our own good…

Or, as my cynicism assures me, for the financial good of the piss ants, who pursue their chosen shticks with the fervor of religious zealots in the premeditated intent of making a buck off us compliant sheep, who frequently confuse the skulking jackal with the shepherd.  (Ooooo, I finally did it — a one sentence paragraph.)

Next up:  Meet the press

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