Oh… My… G– (conclusion)

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DVD update:  The Dean is nursing a hang-over..  no, that’s a hang nail…   bandaged over, caused – he says – by jet lag or the DTs…   oh, I see.  DST.  Any way, he says it wasn’t his fault.  SID and that Smart Dude are piecing things together over Dude’s smart phone since The Dean’s phone is sort of on the fritz.

SID:  Here’s the link that will get you there — nezza@hella Sydney.  That sideways picture that caused the Cap’n to revert to adolescent aggression is on the author’s profile blurb.  But check the post “My ego is bigger than yours.”  That picture…  yeah, that one right there in the blue thingamabob…  even in the dark the Cap’n managed to scroll to that one.  Hmm!  Hmm!  Hmm!  Smart Dude:  What does that mean, “Hmm.  Hmm.  Hmm”?  SID:  “Wow”  Smart Dude:  Heard that.

We will leave them with their fantasies.  But, honest, TheDean01 will resume regular updates soon.  Hmmm!?  I wonder what all that fuss was about?  Let me just take a small peek over Smart Dude’s shoulder, here, and……………….. Oh…   My…   G–

Next up:  Ship’s itinerary – a quick review.

Thanks, again, Nezza.  I hope I have neither offended nor embarrassed you.

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