Why Do LIARS Get To Set The Rules?

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LIARS – acronym, Learned Individual Ascribing Refinement to Self

The Great Learned basically have an edge on the rest of us — they’re smarter.  At least they think so, as do their colleagues.  Lets face it, there are a lot more of them hanging out in the university library than security guards, truck drivers, and ditch diggers — combined

That doesn’t mean they are more intelligent than the rest of us, simply that they have focused their interests and talents into the academic arena rather than the physical, hands-on fields.  If you need a load of product delivered across country pronto, do you want the near-sighted professor of star-gazing or the seasoned over-the-road trucker jacked up on Cajun coffee?  (Conversely,  if you want to know the trajectory of a potential killer asteroid, do you want the jacked-up driver or the Einsteinian star-gazer?)

The Great Learned and…   the rest of us…   though hanging out in different milieus, share a commonality:  we are all primal creatures.  We all got our turf, be it real estate or intellectual property, and, we defend it and enhance it in similar ways. 

In academia, rivals joust for position through arguments of logic, be it mathematics or philosophy.   The perceived best argument (ha, ha, I’m right and you are so wrong) takes the high ground.  Homage of various types is paid to the winner.  

Meanwhile, in the real world, if a ditch digger wants to write an expose on graft and corruption (dirt, as it were) in his chosen field, he enlists the aid of a Smart Dude (a Great Learned) to do the word-smithing. Smart Dude is his translator, taking @#*@!! and other quaint expressions and putting them into readable, non-offense formats.  Smart Dude gets the real credit for this opus.

Language and language construction is a staple of academia.  Researching vernacular, ever mindful of a word’s origins, these experts set down rules on construction, usage, and pronunciations.  I applaud this effort at standardization of language, but…

If language is standardized, how come there are so many exceptions to almost every rule?    What’s with this “i after e except after c, and there are exceptions”?  Why are some words pronounced one way, and a close derivative pronounced another?  Because the experts decided it was to be so.  A select group of the Great Learned conferred, researched, voted with their buds (make that colleagues; bud is in the other camp) and decreed “thus shall it be.”  The Smart Dudes, as bewildered as the rest of us, cover their disarray like lawyers with whereas‘s and wherefore‘s.  And, print up thousands of books to make their decisions the undisputed standard.

Next up:  Why not me?


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