Port Valentine Layover

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One more day in port.  Sorry!  After-glow from Valentine’s Day causing a fog.  As long as we are here, might as well consider some of the other aspects of Valentine’s Day.  By the way, does anyone know what Saint Valentine did to get a day named after him and icon-ed by 3 gods of erotica?  Did it have anything to do with making women happy?  Do you think Valentine had any idea how hard he made it for the descendants of your Average Joe to carry on a decent Super Bowl/Pro Bowl party with Valentine’s Day looming ahead? ( Those questions are rhetorical;  no response required.)

Yesterday, I alluded to the brutish nature of the Average Joe.  Yes, AJ is capable of deep committment to only 1 chick, but, he is equally capable of attempting to maintain a harem of 2 or more other chicks.  This propensity may be mildly pronounced (carried on only in the mind) or extreme (requires a little black book to keep all the players straight).  Yes, I will concede that women are capable of such duplicity also.  So, If you feel the need, substitute Average Jane (AJ) where you se Average Joe (AJ)…??  …do that in your mind; I got too much going on in mine.

Ahhh, the secret valentine.  So, while pressing all the right buttons for the official valentine, AJ is thinking about someone else.  Might just be mind play.  Might be plans for later.  Such is the nature of humanity.

Open secret valelntine.  Maybe that other valelntine suspects AJ’s interest and even encourages it.  AJ might be a shy sort and doesn’t really have any valentine,  but everyone knows who is on his mind. Makes for a nice human-interest story, don’t you think?

Ultra secret valentine.  A situation where it is in NO ONE’s interest for the details to be known to anyone.  The holder of those feelings is committed to another, the work place forbids such entanglement, or — and, most distressingly, — the object of the affection doesn’t even know the dreamer exists.  Ouch!

Don’t ask, don’t tell, lest you walk forbidden territory.  And, therein lies a tale, and possibly, even explains the need for such as Dr. Ulysses Freud…   not for me!  I’m just…  generally…   suggesting that.

I think that fog is lifting, and, we will be on our way soon.  Nest up:  Who needs a stinking resume, anyway?


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